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Picking the right funeral home, the first time, will save you thousands!

Corporate funeral home charge 85% more than independently owned funeral homes.*

Transferring the deceased to a different funeral home costs an average of $1500.

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Give us a ZIP code of where services are needed.

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Review the comparison list by :
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Price for Direct Burial
Price for Direct Cremation

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Don't forget the cemetery costs.
Grave, outer burial container, and headstone adds another $2,000 minimum!


After picking the funeral home, let us help you lower cost even more and decrease your stress, grief and anxiety.

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Did you know that the funeral insider Concierge service can help you find cemetery plots that are priced well below market value?

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We are not affiliated with any funeral home or cemetery provider. We do not accept or solicit advertisement. We are your advocate.


We make sure that the prices you see are for the same services so that you can compare providers. We have a detailed checklist and an eBook that will help you understand the process.


There is no greater loss than the loss of a loved one. We can connect you with survivor's assistance and grief resolution services, electronic biographies for personal stories and photos, and information about crowdfunding and other foundation.

What Funeral Insider Provides

We provide prices for a "direct" burial or cremation service at funeral homes or crematories within 25 miles of the deceased's ZIP code. If you want a prices for BOTH a burial and for a cremation just make 2 separate requests.

  • The burial price is for transportation from the place of death to the funeral home, completion of all forms by the funeral home director, cleaning and disinfecting the deceased, a minimal casket, placing the body in the casket, and transportation to the cemetery. This price does not include any ceremonies.

  • The cremation price if for transportation from the place of death to the funeral home, completion of all forms by the funeral home director, cleaning and disinfecting the deceased, a minimal container for cremation (usually a cardboard casket), placing the body in the casket, transportation to the place of cremation, and a minimal container/urn for the deceased's ashes . This price does not include any ceremonies.

  • Our prices DO NOT INClUDE CEMETERY FEES. Most cemeteries sell additional goods and services not sold by the funeral home - grave site, opening and closing the grave (the digging process), an outer burial container (either a liner or vault), and a marker or headstone. Estimate at least another $2000.

  • We almost NEVER recommend embalming.

  • If you are interested in resomation (AKA water cremation), choose cremation and add this as a note. This service is not available in all states and it is still rather expensive. It is probably best also send us an email so we can get to work on this request.

  • If you are interested in a "green burial", choose burial and add this as a note. This is least expensive option and the best for the environment, but only 17 states allow green burials. It is probably best to send us an email so we can get to work on this request. A green burial is one where the deceased is buried without embalming, either without a casket (a shroud is used) or with a biodegradable casket, without a grave liner or vault, and (sometimes) without a marker or headstone.

After choosing your funeral home and method of disposition (burial or cremation), you can add ceremonies and other goods and services.

If you want us to help you negotiate for other goods and services, please choose the Negotiation Assistance or Concierge Service.

Note: Transportation distance is often limited to 25 miles or less.

We are your advocate; we do not accept advertising from funeral home or cemetery providers. Our goal is to decrease your cost, stress, grief, and anxiety. But just to be totally honest about this, we do charge the funeral home a referral fee once we connect you to them, We'have got to keep the lights on somehow.

*Cost data from Forbes magazine.

** Concierge service is limited to 5 hours; after that $100/hr.